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Emmett's POV unlocks upon choosing him at the end of Week 3. It was originally included in the final version of the full demo.

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The Welcome Feast[]

He was used to being the new person in the room. The one who didn't quite fit in anywhere. It didn't make it any easier though Emmett supposed he should take some comfort in the fact that at least this time he wasn't the only new one feeling awkward. But then he immediately reprimanded himself for being happy that someone else might be suffering. He shouldn't just be standing there. He should be out meeting people and doing his best to make it better for them. What would his sister tell him to do? Probably something about brushing his hair out of his eyes...

He absently pushed his hair out of his face, a small smile tugging at his lips when he looked up and saw her. He tried not to flush bright red when he realized that she had come. To talk to him.

Emmett Had been told a lot that he was comfortable to talk to. That he made other people feel better. He didn't really know why people thought that. But they did. This was the first time he ever experienced it from the other side.

She made him feel warm. That was the only way he could explain it. Like he could just be himself and that would be okay. That he could say anything and she would smile at him and laugh.

And suddenly... That was all he wanted to do. Make her smile. Make her laugh. Make her happy...

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