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“You must promise to tell me right away if you have any problems.”

Emmett is a delegate from Arland. See Also:


Cheerful and optimistic, Earl Emmett has spent most of his youth fostered away from home and traveling all around the Seven Kingdoms.

Despite being away from home for most of his life, Emmett is caring and considerate, rarely showing anything but a smile. Still, the lack of permanence and roots in his life has left him a little bit lonely, especially now that his father has died, leaving the young Earl burdened with responsibility and an empty, unfamiliar home.


He seems every bit the friendly, unambitious, good sport that he is rumored to be.


He has friendly features, a stocky build and is of medium height. His hair is an unruly mop of golden curls, his complexion is ruddier than anything else, and he has paid no attention to his appearance whatsoever. His clothes are so casual and wrinkled, he looks completely out of place among his fancily dressed contemporaries.


Week 1[]

During his date, Emmett revealed his past.

When it was discussed that the nobles of Arland should put some more focus on building positive relations with people of the other countries, Emmett was sent away to foster with a noble family in Wellin that were related to his mother about 2 years before this foster mother got sick and was sent back.

Emmett was home for a few months before he was put on a ship to spend some time with a distant relative of his grandfather in Revaire. Emmett left shortly as things were getting really contentious there. After that, he spent a few years fostered in Jiyel, then another year on a ship with someone from Hise.

Week 2[]

If you have min ++++ Romance, you will automatically get a scene with him where he gives you tea to help your headache.

Week 3[]

If you have unlocked Emmett's romance, the Matchmaker will say: "Take for instance, that unnaturally cheerful Earl. He couldn't say enough good things about you. Not that that much matters. Boy wouldn't have a bad thing to say about a puppy-murdering villain, now would he? Still, you seem to have become more special to him than most."

If you ask the Matchmaker about him during the final interview, she will say: "What? You think that poor sweet boy has secrets? He's easier to read than a hungry puppy. But he would never treat you wrong, that is as sure as fools are stupid."

Week 4[]



Emmett's mother did everything his father told her to do. That was her way of adhering to her duty. Emmett supposed she must have felt even more obligated since his father saved her family from some rather pressing debts as part of their marriage agreement.

She died when Emmett was still young.


He had discussed inheritance with Emmett before which displeases Emmett. His father is dead.


  • Actually is a pretty good cook
  • Only just inherited his estate before he was chosen as a delegate
  • Lives in said estate with his step-mother and sister
  • "Emet" means "truth" in Hebrew
  • His sprites went through a lot of design tweaks to make him look more sw.eet
  • He is one of those people who are super nice, but once they get the go ahead, never let go of their partner
  • Weapon of choice: Believes in peaceful resolutions (aka his smile and puppy dog eyes)
  • Emmett secretly likes the idea of a big family.[1]
  • The only person the Matchmaker likes.


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