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Dual Thorns is an achievement you can unlock during the horse ride in week 2.

If you achieved this, you will gain approval from the Weavers faction.


You will require romance points[1] from 2 people[2]: Hamin[3] and Zarad.

Aly has given a guide on a MAX HAMIN ROMANCE GUIDE FOR WEEK 1. [4]


Thanks to areyntheheartseeker for the script [5]

Notes: Sheltered Princess MC; has animal and plant knowledge.



MC Inner Dialogue Just when you begin to suspect there is nothing you can do and that you lack the ability to save yourself you hear a voice calling out your name. Make that two voices. Prince Zarad, riding madly to catch up shows up on your right, while you can see Hamin, riding with no less intensity to catch up behind and to your left.
Hamin MC, hold on we are almost there.
Zarad If you think you can sweep the lady off her feet, pirate, I will attempt to control the horse.
Hamin How kind of you to let me steal the treasure. Don’t worry, Glitter. I have you.
True to their word, Zarad rides neatly in front of you startling your horse and cutting off its path towards the cliff. Your horse starts to buck, but while you struggle to keep and before you can be thrown Hamin has taken a firm hold of your waist and lifted you off and seated you on his horse in front of him. With a shaky breath, you realize the pair have saved you from an accident that could very well have cost you your life.
MC If you don’t mind terribly, I think I want to stand on solid ground for a moment. Until I feel a little bit less like I’m still hurtling towards the cliff.
Hamin Just so long as you promise to stay where I can see you this time, Glitter. No more neck-breaking rides of adventure?
MC Trust me, that wasn’t my idea of an adventure, and I certainly didn’t do it on purpose.
Hamin helps you down from the horse and you take several steadying breaths. Zarad walks up, having managed to calm down your horse. He leads both his horse and yours up to where you are standing, but his attention is on Hamin.
Zarad I think Princess MC is going to need a new mount. Since you seem to be a better rider than I am, will you go to the stables and tell them what has happened?

Hamin pauses, giving you a long, considering look, before finally nodding.

Hamin Alright. I’ll be back soon, Glitter. And if anything happens just give a shout and I’ll be right back.
Hamin rides off, leaving you alone with Zarad. And your horse. The Prince of Corval gives you a measuring look, before finally nodding to himself, as if having come to a decision. He pulls up the saddle and gear of your horse as if looking for something. Your horse whinnies in pain as he quickly pulls something from where it had dug deeply into the horses back. Saying nothing, he opens his palm and shows you what is inside. You recognize it, and suddenly many things make much more sense.
MC: A thorn from a Morrick bush.
Zarad: Zarad nods.

Prince Zarad: Also known as the firethorn.

MC: You know enough of the thorns to know that when embedded in flesh they grow increasingly painful. When it’s stuck in an animal, they grow more and more erratic, like your horse.

MC: You think someone put it underneath my horse’s saddle. Deliberately.

Zarad I think it’s the most likely explanation, yes.
MC: MC: And anyone who would do that…
Zarad Probably didn’t plan on you surviving this ride.
MC You swallow. It wasn’t exactly fun when your near-death experience seemed like an accident. Now that you know it was almost surely an assassination attempt…The Prince smiles with false bravado.
Zarad You are very lucky I find you so magnetic that I struggle to look away from you, MC name. I like being able to see you in person. I would hate it if I could only see you by gazing at the stars. So know it is because I care about what happens to you that I give you this advice. Tell no one, save your butler if you trust him, what we have found here. To be saved from an accident is romantic and will add to your allure. To be the victim of even an unsuccessful assassination plot in the middle of the summit… It will bring you unwanted attention and the kind of reputation you don’t want to risk here. Until we have proof or even a viable suspect, it is best to do nothing. That we look into what happened quietly, instead. But for now, please, MC name, be careful. I am not ready to lose you to the stars.

Note: there's a slightly different dialogue depending on your Animals and Plants or History skill when MC sees the thorn with Zarad.



MC You recognize the scarlet thorn from a description you read in a book.
  • Is that a firethorn?
Zarad Also known as the thorn from a Morrik bush, yes.
MC You pale at the confirmation. There's a reason this thorn, which when embedded in animal flesh causes them to grow increasingly erratic, is in books. Because it had been used before successfully.
  • You think someone put it below my horse's saddle. Deliberately.
Zarad I think it's the most likely explanation, yes.

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