"Love has no place in alliances of state."

The cynical/romantic personality trait reflects the MC's feelings primarily about matters of romantic love. It's possible to maintain this trait at a neutral balance, unlike some other personality traits.

How it influences the game[edit | edit source]

Background selection[edit | edit source]

The sheltered princess background is locked out for cynical MCs.

Matchmaker first interview[edit | edit source]

"No one likes a cynic, dear."

How to change your personality[edit | edit source]

Character Creator[edit | edit source]

When asked about your maid marrying a much older man.

Matchmaker's first interview[edit | edit source]

When asked if hoping for a love match. The Matchmaker's response will be disparaging, regardless.

Week 1[edit | edit source]

On Hamin's date: "I think giving me a stone the color of my eyes is romantic."

Week 4[edit | edit source]

Cynical trait awards +5 to poise, and romantic to charisma.

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