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"Your cunning is enough that I'm sure professional charlatans admire you."


Your ability to shrewdly assess and manipulate situations to your advantage.

Cunning contributes to the Cumulative Skills: Quick Wit and Defensive Instincts.

How Cunning affects the plot[]

Event Effect

Matchmaker's 1st interview[]


Matchmaker: "Your complete lack of calculative intelligence can only be considered a defect when considering the demands on a lady of power." (Cunning failure)


Matchmaker: "You might be sufficiently cunning, but that's not always an attractive quality."

Matchmaker's 2nd interview[]


Matchmaker: "You still lack even the trace of cunning, being too guileless will not serve you well. I will note your failure to improve."

>=50 , <70[]

Matchmaker: "You are certainly adequately cunning for any occasion a normal young lady will encounter."


Matchmaker: "Your cunning is enough that I'm sure professional charlatans admire you."

Matchmaker Breakfast[]

<50 Also high friendship with Ria and Sayra[]

You don't have the skill to eat the pastry without getting caught, but knowing the servant was willing to risk getting in trouble to give it to you is almost as good as being able to eat. Okay, maybe not. Hopefully your missing seat partners will arrive soon.

>= 50 Also high friendship with Ria and Sayra[]

It was a neat trick, the pastry smuggling. Luckily you are just as skilled so you are able to smuggle some of the pastry into your mouth and eat it without getting caught.

How to gain Cunning[]

Character Creator[]

  • "You figured out exactly how little jewelry they would settle for and bribed them to leave you alone." (+25)
  • "Remembering the location of a nearby abandoned estate, you suggested they go look for valuables." (+25)
  • The Daughter of a Notorious Pirate Origin (+25)
  • An Ambitious Widow Origin (+25)

Week 1[]

Week 2[]

Week 3[]

  • Hamin's Gift (+5)
  • Avalie's Gift (+5)
  • MM Breakfast: "Skillfully deflect question" (+5)
  • Arland and Wellin argument: "Avoid being forced to respond by causing a distraction." (+5)
  • Study to Improve Your Abilities: Cunning (+5)
Beauty * Charisma * Charm * Etiquette

Eloquence * Leadership * Manipulation * Poise

Courage * Cunning * Grace * Self Defense

Intelligence * Insight

Cumulative Skills:

Persuasion * Likability * Book Smarts * Quick Wits * Interpersonal Insight * Defensive Instincts