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"It's going to take more than a simple feast with strangers, even dangerous ones, to really make you nervous."

Your courage in the face of danger, uncertainty, and fear.

Courage contributes to the cumulative skill: Defensive Instincts.

How to gain/lose Courage[]

Character Creator []

  • Automatic Base Stat (+25)
  • "You attacked them armed with nothing but your heavy fan" (+25)
  • "You challenged him to a duel, stick style"(+25)
  • "You are so lily livered, you give flowers a bad name" (-15)
  • "Facing your fears" (-10)
  • The Daughter of a Notorious Pirate Origin (+25)
  • A Tomboy Countess Origin (+25)

Week 1 []

  • Welcome Feast - Hamin : Do a funny dance (+5)
  • Hamin's date: "Go out the window"(50 grace required)(+5)
  • Explore the Castle: the cliffs (+5 every time)

Week 2 []

  • Practice Room(+5)
  • Riding Event- Jasper: I'm fine. Thank you, Jasper. (+5)
  • Explore the Castle: the cliffs (+5 every time, after the first time)
  • Explore the Castle: the practice room (+5 under some circumstances, see Jarrod/Friendship Walkthrough)

Week 3 []

  • Your room (high Jasper approval)(must be before MM Breakfast)(+5)
  • Jarrod's gift (high Jarrod approval)(+5)
  • Mrs. White (+5)(high Rebel approval)
  • Breakfast: "Bravely baldly agree" (+5)
  • Wellin and Arland Delegate Debate: Feign a dead faint. OR Scream loudly. OR Give them both a piece of your mind. (+5)
  • Explore the Castle: the cliffs (+5 every time)
Beauty * Charisma * Charm * Etiquette

Eloquence * Leadership * Manipulation * Poise

Courage * Cunning * Grace * Self Defense

Intelligence * Insight

Cumulative Skills:

Persuasion * Likability * Book Smarts * Quick Wits * Interpersonal Insight * Defensive Instincts