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Corval. The land of spices, trading, and most of all secrets. No one is sure what goes on in the infamous Corval Court, but everyone agrees whatever it is, it must be interesting. Under the rule of the Emperor, Corval is famous for internal political intrigue and grand affairs, but little of their internal affairs reach the outside world as more than the barest of rumors. Corval trades with all the Kingdoms, but their secrets, their truths, those they keep firmly to themselves. Corval is the richest kingdom and very powerful.

Inner Court[1][]

The inner court is a term used in the Corval court for literally the ‘inner court’. It’s the part of the castle that is most inside/central and has very limited access. The highest-ranking/most trusted servants, the Emperor and his family, and their ladies. Only the ladies of the inner court (the ladies in service to one of the imperial ladies) and not be married to/direct descendants of the imperial line.

Because she is in service to the Empress, Corval!MC’s mother lives in the inner court. Because she is the daughter of a favored lady, Corval!MC was allowed to live in the inner court too. She was groomed to have absolute loyalty to the Imperial family and is useful for a political marriage or if she doesn’t leave Corval, as a lady to the future generation of imperial ladies.

Before she was selected as a delegate, she was informally one of Princess Constance’s ladies.

The inner court is like a harem in other stories. They are allowed to leave and go to the city and mixed-gender social events. Their lives are more strictly guarded than most, but partly that’s because being so close to the imperial family puts them in danger and makes them a danger. 

They aren’t (generally) allowed to marry for love or follow their own hearts, but that’s true of a lot of high born ladies. 

When talking about the inner court, it’s both the physical location and also the people who make up the inner court (generally though you are talking about the ladies of the inner court, when talking about the Imperial family you would specify).


There are two Empresses, one is the late dowager empress (the current emperor’s mother) who is dead and one is the current Empress (the emperor’s wife). The current Empress arranged their marriage. (who is definitely still alive.)


  • Famous for its chocolate and spices. Some of the best chefs in the world are in Corval. [3]
  • Corval has lately been discussing the mystery of a hit series of novels that (on top of being gripping in all the worst ways) are clearly satires and spoofs of people and things that really happen in the imperial court.[4]

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