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“My family are indeed very lively people.”

Cordelia is a delegate from Hise. See also Cordelia Script.


Princess Cordelia believes in things like proper etiquette and politeness. Thanks to this she’s rather out of place and unsuited to life among her relatives in Hise. Both her and her family have high hopes for her finding a life that suits her better while she’s at the summit.

For those who manage not to offend, you couldn’t find a more loyal friend than in Princess Cordelia.


Princess Cordelia is a pretty girl, with light brown hair and big brown eyes. She stands out from the rest of the Hise delegation, in large part because she's the only one fully dressed.

She wears an elegant formal gown and stands silent, her polite smile growing strained as her cousin grows more animated in whatever story he is telling.


The pretty Princess of Hise and cousin to Hamin doesn't match the rest of her Hise relatives. She is proper, prim and elegant as well as very demure and well-mannered. It's clear she doesn't exactly fit in. It also seems obvious she has come to the Summit in search of a better life and probably hopes to marry and enter a different court.

She is the only one of the delegation that did not win a contest, having received special permission of the Leader of the Free Cities, probably in hopes that she will find another path that suits her better than the open sea.



Week 1[]

Cordelia will likely accept an invitation to tea or musicale events if her rivalry score isn't too high.

Week 2[]

With a high enough friendship score, she will invite the MC to afternoon tea. A skill check on persuasion (??) will allow MC to try and "draw her out", increasing friendship even more.

Successfully recruiting her for the boat race improves chances of winning, especially if the MC isn't from Hise herself.

Week 3[]


Exploring the gazebo during week 3, the MC may discover Cordelia stealthily embroidering a handkerchief. Choosing to reassure her increases friendship.


Cordelia may attend a girls' night event or a midnight picnic, although she will only attend the latter if her friendship is very high. Getting Cordelia to agree to the midnight picnic provides a significant boost to the host's reputation.

If inviting both Cordelia and Anaele to girls' night, they will have an uncomfortable conversation wherein Ana expresses disappointment at Cordelia's un-pirate-liness.

Week 4[]




A Sheltered Princess

They are cousins. Cordelia and ShelteredPrincess!MC haven’t really ever gotten to know each other or interact before the summit.[1]


  • Won the children’s rope climbing competition when she was 10.
  • Lives in a big house in Hise’s main port city with her family.
  • Tends to avoid red meats and sticks to fish in her diet.
  • Wanted to go to the summit.
  • Knows Leala, however, the two aren’t really friends
  • In some way related to Arland MC through her mother, the two have never met before though.
  • Her name has a fitting meaning, that being "daughter of the sea." The creator swears she didn't plan it.
  • Has learned to be very tolerant and patient.
  • Her mother, an Arland princess, married a Hise pirate at one of the previous summits.
  • She got to keep the rank of her higher-ranking mother (princess), however, her daughters will not be able to since titles can only be passed down by one generation.
  • Weapon of choice: Good Manners, Long (occasionally poisoned) needles.
  • Cordelia kind of likes the idea of being a mother.[2]


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