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To my beloved sister,


I wish I could hope that this letter will not reach you, but I know better than to hope for the impossible. I know that you will have been chosen and sent to represent Arland at this delegation. But still I can hope that that you will heed what I write, for ensuring this letter reaches you safely and unread has cost me almost more favors than I can afford.

I want you to forget everything you have been raised to believe, everything you think about your duty as the daughter of House Arland. I have come to learn the most painful lesson that no moment of duty is worth a lifetime of misery and unhappiness.

It is too late to change my own fate, but it is not too late for you, sweet sister. If i could wish for anything, it would be that you do not bow to whims of our father, but instead seek out your path, your own freedom, and most importantly, your own happiness.

I love you and my thoughts are with you always.


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