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“I have come to learn the most painful lesson that no moment of duty is worth a lifetime of misery and unhappiness.”

Constance is the first princess of Arland and a delegate in the previous Summit.


The first princess of Arland, and older sister of the Sheltered Princess, Constance was a delegate in the previous Summit seven years ago. There, she arranged a match with and was married to the Crown Prince of Corval and has lived in his country ever since.

When playing as Sheltered Princess, Constance is your older sister. When playing as Court Lady, you serve as one of Constance's ladies in Corval Court.



Week 1

During Week 1, the Sheltered Princess MC receives a letter from Constance where she expresses regret over following her duty and implores her sister to disregard hers and seek out her own path. The story Princess MC tells in her week 1 date with Clarmont is about Constance sneaking her out of the palace to see a festival when she was young.

The Court Lady MC mentions her during her character creation segment.

Week 2[]

Week 3[]

The story Zarad tells in his week 3 date with Court Lady reveals that after moving to Corval, Constance was depressed and struggling to adapt to life in her new home. Court Lady was told to befriend her, and snuck her out of the palace to show her more of Corval (in an interesting parallel to the story Princess tells Clarmont in week 1). According to Zarad, Constance was touched by the show of friendship and saw much to admire in her new home now that she had seen outside the palace.

Week 4[]

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