“I declare myself all admiration and a happy man indeed to have met you.”

Clarmont (nickname Clary/Monty by Hise!MC) is a delegate from

He is from the Revaire. See also: Guide to Impressing Clarmont

Profile[edit | edit source]

Unlike his fellow delegates from Revaire, Lord Clarmont is known for his charming manner and a warm smile. Somehow, he always manages to find the right thing to say. He makes for great company, but that doesn’t mean he is easy to get to know.

During these troubling times, will it even be possible to see his true face? Or will you always meet the charming mask?

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He is carefully dressed, in dark blues that suit his dark tan skin and match his dark blue eyes. His hair is mussed where he clearly just ran his hands through it.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike the rest of the court, he has the reputation of being quite serious.

Plot[edit | edit source]

See also: Clarmont's POV

Week 1[edit | edit source]

Welcome Feast Conversation

His dialogue has two (mutually exclusive) options that grant +5 to insight, depending on whether the MC answers that she is or is not glad to be at the summit. Answering that she intends to follow in Katyia's footsteps will draw the attention of the rebels.

To get his date, successfully divert Jarrod from Penelope. There are four possible ways to do this: 50 courage (produces - Revaire approval), 75 manipulation, 200 likability, or 75 academics (only available to Jiyel!MC who selects both academics options in the CC).

Afterward:[edit | edit source]

Clarmont's Date

Requires an ethical MC, or else 75 points in manipulation. Clarmont apparently sets up a little test that's meant to ascertain the MC's attitude towards servants/commoners. Passing the test and completing the event successfully grants +10 to leadership.

Hosted Event

His extreme disinterest in academia means that successfully inviting him to a history lecture provides a noticeable boost to the event's overall success.

The Self Introductions

Week 2[edit | edit source]

Clarmont will accept an invitation to join the boat race, and provide a leadership boost to the team (assuming Ana isn't recruited also).

If successfully completed his week 1 event, Clarmont can be found in the gardens. Completing this event grants a +5 bonus to leadership and eloquence.

Week 3[edit | edit source]

Clarmont's presence at the midnight picnic event can prevent things from getting out of control (much to Jorges' ire) if the MC's persuasion skill is not high enough. However, doing this would in turn reduce the completion of the challenge from perfect success to a mere amazing / great success.

If the MC has unlocked his romance, the Matchmaker will say: "Lord Clarmont didn't have much to say, about you or anything else that wasn't polite nonsense. But I did succeed in making him blush on your account, which says more to me than words."

If you ask the Matchmaker about him during the final interview, she will say: "If you want to know about him, you are going to have to ask the boy himself. Spent his entire interview trying to talk about me if you would believe it. When he wasn't talking about you. But my impression is charming, if heavily burdened. I trust you know what you are about with him."

Week 4[edit | edit source]

He is chosen as a juror for the trial.

Week 5[edit | edit source]

He takes part in the play production as a lead role.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Wellin /MC[1][edit | edit source]

In Wellin, the male equivalent of a Countess is an Earl (which is one level below a Duke. A female equivalent of a Duke is a Duchess).

But yes, of the pair the Countess is the higher ranking between her and Clarmont. Although marrying him would technically make him an Earl it would actually be a courtesy title and he would still be referred to as “Lord” for, he doesn’t actually get to take over her rank. That is reserved for her firstborn child (after she dies). Since he already has an equivalent rank, his status wouldn’t change. 

Depending on how things work out, they would probably split their time between their respective counties.

The MC being a good person is something that is really important to Lord Clarmont.

Moncha[edit | edit source]

Clarmont lives in his estates with his dog named Moncha. She doesn't have any puppies because Clarmont didn’t want her to suffer. Moncha will (eventually) accept any MC who makes Clarmont happy and might start to like the MC more which will make Clarmont jealous

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pretty much a vegetarian, refuses to eat rabbit
  • His hair is auburn red
  • Is an ENFJ (like his creator)
  • Weapon of choice: Longsword
  • Clarmont thinks the world would have to change a lot before he’d be willing to bring any kids into it.[2]

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