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The character creator is a questionnaire that appears early in the game and helps determine your MC's initial stats. Questions and answers in the CC are mostly pretty intuitive in their effect. See also: character guide


The MC starts out with base stats of +25 points in the following skills: charm, eloquence, beauty, leadership, charisma, courage, intelligence, etiquette, grace and poise.

The questionnaire provides six +25 skill boosts, a -15 skill hit, and a -10 skill hit. Before accounting for background selection, every MC starts with 375 skill points in some distribution. Some skills can be raised to 100 points even before background selection, such as intelligence. Manipulation is a skill that can only be raised in large amounts in the CC, as it cannot be studied during the summit.

Summary of skills that can be changed in the CC:

Skill Base Stat Boosts Hits
Charm Yes 2 Yes
Eloquence Yes 2 Yes
Beauty Yes 2 Yes
Leadership Yes 1 Yes
Self Defense No 1 No
Charisma Yes 1 Yes
Manipulation No 3 No
Courage Yes 2 Yes
Intelligence Yes 3 Yes
Etiquette Yes 2 No
Grace Yes 1 Yes
Poise Yes 1 No
Cunning No 2 No


There are three opportunities to raise knowledge stats by +25 points. Two questions focus on formal education, and one on informal self-taught knowledge. Knowledge is raised by a total of 75 points and receives no hits.


Personality questions prior to background selection alter the stats for Indifferent v Compassionate, Cynical v Romantic, Overt v Subtle, Autonomous v Dependent, Unassuming v Ambitious and Selfish v Noble.


Picking a background raises your nation's approval significantly. There is also one question that allows you to raise the approval of commoners, artists, merchants or Arland (regardless of your country of origin).


There are six backgrounds, plus three hidden backgrounds.

Background Requirements Skill Boosts Knowledge Boosts
Arland See below +35 Etiquette +15 Politics, People
Corval >= 25 Politics +25 Eloquence +25 Politics, People
Hise none +25 Charisma, Courage, Cunning +25 Warfare
Jiyel >= 50 Intelligence +35 Intelligence +25 History, +35 Academics
Revaire Ambitious +25 Charisma, Cunning +25 Politics, People
Wellin See below +25 Self Defense, Courage-25 Etiquette +25 Warfare
Rebel Leader 50 Leadership, 50 Courage, Noble ??? ???
Historian 50 Intelligence, 50 History, Unassuming ??? ???
Player of the Great Game 75 Manipulation, Ambitious ??? ???


  • Arland approval.
  • Minimum 50 points in Etiquette.
  • No boosts to skills: self defense, manipulation, courage and cunning.
  • No boosts to knowledge: warfare, street smarts (?).
  • Personality: dependent.
  • Personality is not: ambitious, cynical or overt.


It's possible to choose the cunning option on the final question at the expense of grace or poise, but not the previous one at the expense of leadership. This does make playing the SP more difficult, rather than less.


  • No less than 30 courage.
  • At least +25 boost to self defense.
  • +25 boost to warfare knowledge in the first knowledge selection question.
  • Autonomous personality.