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Challenges raise relationship scores as well as approval. 

Week 1[]

Starday - Introductions[]

The first major challenge is the introductions. Skill checks are not very high, but there are many of them. To do well, it is best to have fairly good skills in at least three of persuasion, likability, book smarts, quick wits, or interpersonal insight. High beauty, and either poise or courage, also help a lot. At the end of the introductions there is a check on Eloquence that has several levels of success. 

There are two achievements associated with this challenge. 

Week 2[]

Windday - Horse ride[]

The horse ride is a scheduled event that can't be skipped. There are five achievements associated with this challenge, one for failure (only unlockable on challenge mode) and four for passing in different ways. 

Starday - Boat race[]

The boat race is a scheduled event. It's possible to choose not to participate, but there's no benefit to this at all. There are three achievements associated with this challenge. 

Week 3[]

Earthday - Matchmaker[]


Passing the matchmaker's second interview is quite complicated, especially on challenge mode. You can earn a great deal of approval by succeeding. 

There are three achievements associated with this challenge. 

See also: Matchmaker's Second Interview, for a more detailed walkthrough for how to pass.

Week 4[]


The trial is a challenge associated with many possible achievements: three for the final outcome, four for the investigation, and one additional achievement.

Week 5[]


The theatrical is a challenge associated with four achievements.

Week 6[]

Week six has not yet been released. This section remains blank until Early Access.

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