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Number From/Titled Info Unlocked upon Comments
1 Blain Declared his rivarly for us Week 1 day 2 Automatic
2 Clarmont Invitation to dinner Week 1 day 2 Requires rescuing Penelope from Jarrod on Day 1
3 Zarad Invitation to stargazing Week 1 day 2 Requires ++ romance
4 Gisette Invitation to tea Week 1 day 2 Requires ++ romance
5 Inconstancies You received the most baffling of letters from your older sister Constance. Not only is she involved in some sort of unhappy intrigue, but she urges you to abandon your duty to Arland and use the opportunity presented by the Summit to pursue your own path and happiness. This sounds nothing like the sister you used to know. You can't even begin to know what to think. A Sheltered Princess
6 Singing Blackbird Sometime while your gone from your room someone naming themselves 'blackbird' has left you a note claiming your mother still lives. You don't know if you can believe it, or what they would have to gain, but you certainly intend to find out more. The Daughter of a Notorious Pirate
7 Songbird You received an anonymous pillow murdering letter threatening the life of your mother if you don't use your time at the Summit to find out secrets and hand them over to the mysterious sender. Your only hint is the scent of an incense used only by Imperial Assassins, but you certainly intend to find out more. A Court Lady
8 The Empty Book You discovered a strange blank book among your belongings containing a threatening letter addressed to your cousin. You have deduced that she got married in order to avoid being murdered by this threat-giver. Who could have sent this letter, why their current information is so faulty and if you too are in danger you still have yet to access. A Minor Lady with a Scholarly Bent
9 The Curse Strikes Again? You have received a very polite, very unhappy letter from the head butler of the Isle accusing you (politely,) of having something to do with an accident. Only unlike the accidents that used to happen all the time back home, this time you are sure you haven't even met the person in question. Something is definitely rotten in the castle of the Summit. A Tomboy Countess
10 Flowers from a 'friend' Someone has made the massive mistake of trying to threaten you into murdering someone! And they had a gall to do it with a bouquet of ill-omened flowers. you intend to look into this matter and make sure whoever they are, they know better than to get in your way again. An Ambitious Widow
11 Papercut There's no point in being indirect about it: you have been poisoned. Unless you can use your superior intellect and research skills to stop it you are doomed to die a slow death. It's not like you to simply do nothing or get overly emotional in the face of a problem, so you are determined to calmly, and logically, find a solution. A Minor Lady with a Scholarly Bent
12 Mysterious Warning Just when you thought you were starting to make your place at the summit you have received a mysterious anonymous letter giving you ominous warnings to be careful this week. You aren't sure what to make of it, but you know that a place like the summit, it's best not to make light of it. Week 2 day 1 Summit introduction Perfect Success
13 Mysterious Warning Just when you thought you were starting to make your place at the summit you have received a mysterious anonymous letter giving you ominous warnings to be careful this week. You aren't sure what to make of it, but you know that a place like the summit, it's best not to make light of it. Week 2 day 1 Summit introduction Great Success

/ Success

14 Mysterious Warning Just when you thought you were starting to make your place at the summit you have received a mysterious anonymous letter giving you ominous warnings to be careful this week. You aren't sure what to make of it, but you know that a place like the summit, it's best not to make light of it. Week 2 day 1 Summit introduction epic failure
15 Ana According to the butler mens of scowly-scowly heavy disapproving, not only can I not have a weapon, but I can't even give you one. So I will have to settle for this. May you at least get to stab the letter of anyone who upsets you. Week 3
16 Avalie I thought this was an appropriate gift as you have proven yourself a deft game player and yet, I didn't even know if you had a board. I know you don't need my luck or my well wishes, but know that I have found getting to know you very interesting and hope to continue to be able to do so. May both our stays here continue to prove interesting. Week 3
17 Clarmont I don’t doubt that you are strong, brave and capable, but we are all of us capable of feeling overwhelmed. I hope you won’t take this gift as a sign that I don’t have faith in you, but as a reminder that everyone, no matter how strong, needs to take care of themselves once in a while. You’ve had a stressful few weeks. You deserve good things. You deserve to be happy and you deserve breaks. So this gift is a reminder to take care of yourself and a reminder that you have people who care about you. I’m one of them. Week 3
18 Cordelia I hope you find some use for my enclosed gift. I put some thought into finding something useful. I am grateful to have met you here. Truthfully. it has been some time since I made a new acquaintance I related to as well as I do to you. I hope that we will continue to get to know one another and might someday become friends. Thank you for the kindness you have shown me and I wish you all the best of luck this week. - Princess Cordelia, Princess of Hise. Week 3
19 Emmett I found these on my walk the other day and thought of you. If you put them in a packet near your pillow you will smell nice the next day. Not that you don’t already smell nice. Just my sister says girls are always trying to make themselves smell better. Also there’s some interesting myths about how they will bring you sweet dreams, if you like that kind of thing. Anyway, I was thinking of you and hoping you know that you have Min one person cheering you on this week. Week 3
20 Gisette You commented once on how much you liked my perfume. It’s very rare and very hard to come by, but I managed to get you a bottle of your own. There are not very many people I would go to so much trouble for, so I hope you take this as the symbol of my affection that it truly is. I look forward to see how you handle this week’s challenges. I imagine luck with have very little to do with it. Yours-Gisette. Week 3
21 Hamin Glitter- Despite the rumors about pirates, I’ve never actually been one for much superstition myself. I like to trust in my skill and the skill of my men rather than something as hard to predict as luck. My dad gave me this coin when I went on a ship for the first time, said it’s been in our family a long time and it would make sure I’d stay on the lucky side of things. I don’t know that I believe it, but if anyone deserves some good luck, it’s you, Glitter. SO I hope he was right and it’s true. Now you glitter and are gold, so you better be twice as careful in some case bad thieving pirate steals you away. Week 3
22 Lyon Luck is a construct both illogical and irrational made to ascribe some sort of meaning to random events. Preparation and effort are much more likely to give you the positive results you aspire to. You are not an idiot, so I’m confident you have been doing both and will prove yourself to be fully capable this week. I found this the other day and thought it might be of interest to you. Week 3
23 Penelope My dearest friend. I am ever so glad that I have met you and you have been kind enough to befriend me. I wish for you all the good things God and the world have to offer. My present isn’t very special, but I hope you will enjoy it and know that it contains all my good wishes. I just know that everyone will be as impressed by you as I am and we will stay friends forever. All my best, Penelope. Week 3
24 Zarad My night star. I have met many ladies, beauties, wits and paragons. And yet, of all that I have met, none have shone as brightly as you. I hope you will find this a fitting tribute. While I won’t insult you by implying you need the luck, I hope the good wishes are welcome. Zarad. Week 3
25 Woodly Please take this small token as a symbol of my affection and respect. It is hardly a worthy tribute, but I think it will be happy shining on the finger of its new owner, which will only make it look brighter. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so impressed by a young delegate. It would be a great shame if our acquaintance were to end so soon. I trust you will impress the matchmaker as much as you have me. I may not be able to admit it publically, but you will be in my thoughts this week. – G.D. Woodly. Week 3
26 Weavers It seems to us that you are the sort of person who enjoys a little mystery and a few secrets in your life. After all, when you are very good at manipulating people there is also very little that generally surprises you. So here is our gift: a mystery a surprise, with our compliments. Cheers. Week 3
27 Yvette I thought this might be of interest to you. I have no doubt that you already are someone who looks to the past to gain insight on the present and future, but perhaps you will find the history in this book particularly helpful this week. But since I’m not supposed to play favorites, let’s keep this between us. Yours, Yvette. Week 3
28 Lost and Found You know, there is nothing I hate more than someone who gets everything in life so easily. No, there is. Someone who gets everything and then doesn’t appreciate it. Who acts like having all the benefits fall into your lap already wrapped in silk and jewels is some great trial. Someone like you. But not anymore. For the first time in your life things aren’t going to go your way. They are going to be difficult. And you are going to have to suffer some of the consequences of your ridiculous nature and hubris that you have neatly managed to avoid to this point. When I’m through with you, you will no longer be the Countess of Holt. The only title you will hold will be the one you’ve deserved all this time: The Countess of Horrid. I just hope there aren’t too many victims of your ‘accidents’ before that happens. A Tomboy Countess
29 From Your Friend I hope this letter finds you well, my newest friend. From what I hear you are making all sorts of new friends at the Summit and becoming quite the belle, which is fortunate for all your sweet younger siblings and your parents, isn’t it? There is the matter of our soon to be mutual friend. I advise you to take advantage of the chance to get close to the Revaire delegate Lord Emroy. Unless something goes terribly wrong, you won’t have much time with him. Before you marry and move to another country to start your new life, of course. As always, I wish all the best for you- Your Friend. An Ambitious Widow
30 From Your Mother’s crew Captain (You will always be captain to us, so deal with it, sunflower.) We got your letter. To be honest we’ve been waiting a long time for you to start asking these questions. The whole thing with your mom, well it’s always smelt more rotten than a spoiled barrel of fish. There’s no way they should have known where we were and it seemed like they were only interested in one thing: your mother. You don’t go that far out of your way to nab someone infamous like your mother unless you want something from her. And if it was a nasty execution to make an example, don’t you think we would have heard about it? Whatever you have to do about this, know we have your back. And if any of the nansy pansies at this Summit don’t treat you right, just let us know and we will toss them off the bow of the ship on a stormy night. Wind watch your sails and sea guide your path- your adoring crew. P.S. Thanks to your nagging Stinky now bathes once a month, so thanks for that. The Daughter of a Notorious Pirate

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