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There is no firm age limit, but the unofficial one that people go by is unmarried, 18-30 year olds, with a general preference for sending the younger ones.[1]

For reasons of marriage and breeding, there is an age gap, but it’s more of a ‘soft cap’ than anything formal. No one would think of sending anyone younger than 18, or older than the late twenties, as their delegates. 

In that sense, you have to be the right age to compete for your spot. As long as war doesn’t resume there’s always the next summit for people who are too young. It is a society with marriage alliances. If you aren’t married by a certain age, then you must have some reason that makes you marriageable. (Family debts, or uncouth behavior, etc.)[2]

MC would be around 18-28 years old.[3]


It’s possible that the named delegates might end the summit married to someone who is not the MC.[4]

But these aren’t going to be love matches. At least not to start.[4]

The Countess and the Widow both have estates, so they will be expected to split time between their estates and the home of whomever they marry. Everyone else is expected to move in with their spouse. [4] 

How much news/info do Nations get?[5][]

Having isolation from the micromanaging of their kingdoms and all the slowness of bureaucracy and politics is a big part of the point of the Summit. (Katyia was one crafty lady.)

The delegates can send and receive letters, although traditionally they aren’t supposed to talk too much about what is going on at the summit until after it is over. 

The big portion where the nations and their representatives get involved is when the Ambassadors show up near the end of Week Six. They get authorized to negotiate/approve stuff on behalf of their nations. 

So mostly what happens/what was negotiated will be something people find out post-summit. 

But nothing is official until week seven anyway. So it’s not a huge deal that no real news gets back home before then. 

For instance, in your example, being a matchmaker approved doesn’t actually mean you are going to get married. A lot can happen before it’s finalized. (Both in the game world and in the game itself.)

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