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Faction approval is an indication to what degree of respect and approval each faction holds you.

There 13 different approvals:

  1. Arland Court
  2. Artists
  3. Commoners
  4. Corval Traders
  5. Hise Pirates
  6. Historians
  7. Jiyel Scholars
  8. Merchants
  9. Rebels
  10. Revaire Royals
  11. Skalt Warriors
  12. Wellin Nobles
  13. Weavers

Hosting events and interacting with certain people help to raise their approval. After the trial, the MC has the opportunity to gain approval. The quality of Relations depends on how skilled the MC is.

Nation Improve relations
  • Impress them with pure politeness
  • Impress them on how well you dress and present yourself
  • Force them to think well of you with nothing more than your likeability
  • These nobles from Arland are too stuffy and boring. You give up on impressing them.
  • Play pranks on the Hise delegates
  • Lead a team in a paper boat race
  • Argue with them about naval history
  • Those delegates from Hise are far too lac an improper. You give up on impressing them.
  • Engage them in a heated, multifaced debate.
  • Debate with them on whatever topic they end up on, depending on your ability to make a convincing case, regardless of facts.
  • Exchange research notes.
  • Forget those wearying, book-obsessed bores. You give up on impressing them.
  • Give them empathy for their currently difficult home situation.
  • Challenge a few of the more combat-minded to a practice bout.
  • Join them for some tea and gossip.
  • Forget those impossible and rumored blood-thirsty nobles, you give up on impressing them.
  • Prove your mettle against some of their warriors in a friendly bout.
  • Discuss some of the native animals and plants in Skalt.
  • Attempt to get to know one another better.
  • Forget those boorish barbarians. You give up on winning their approval
  • Flatter them shamelessly
  • Spend time with them practicing dancing for the upcoming ball.
  • Discuss the historic maneuvering of some of their ancestors.
  • Forget those strange, prideful shark in Wellin. You give up on impressing them.
*After the trial is over the MC has options to continue working on their relationships with other countries.

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