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Number Name Info Comments
1st week 1 A Novel Beginning Finish creating a character
2 A Pirates Life For Me Made a character with Hise background
3 The Logical Choice Made a character with Jiyel background
4 Out of the Inner Court Made a character with Corval background
5 An Inconvient Husbend Made a character with Revaire background
6 Barefoot Countess Made a character with Wellin background
7 A very proper princess made a character with Arland background
8 Night Light Reading Read the history of the Summit
9 An Unmitigated Disaster You met with the matchmaker, it did not go well.
10 Impressive impression You earned the maximum amount of insight during the welcome feast! 70 Insight
11 In Demand You received all the possible invitations during your first


12 Sparring Partner Successfully completed Anaele's week one event
13 Nature Walk Successfully completed Emmett's week one event
14 A Friendly Ride Successfully completed Lisle's week one event
15 A Dashing Dinner Successfully completed Clarmont's week one event
16 A Forbidden Adventure Successfully completed Hamin's week one event
17 Night Vision Successfully completed Zarad's week one event
18 A Tense Time Successfully completed Jarrod's week one event
19 A Cool Companion Successfully completed Gisette's week one event
20 Behind the Bookcase Successfully completed Lyon's week one event
21 Congratulations, Crumpet Hosted a very successful afternoon tea
22 A Tea Terrific Hosted a perfect afternoon tea
23 Play On Hosted a very successful musical
24 A musical memory Hosted a perfect musicale!
25 A learning experience Hosted a very successful Lecture.
26 One for the history books Hosted a perfect lecture
27 A Charming Introduction Succeeded in the first challenge: the self-introduction.
28 A Perfect introduction Succeeded perfectly in the first challenge: the self-introduction.
29 Secret hunter Found all possible week one secrets. Check Secrets
2nd week 30 Captain, My Captain Successfully recruited a full team for the ship race
31 Delectable Dessert Successfully completed Avalie's first friendship event
32 Off The Cliff Met your unfortunate end after falling to save yourself during the challenge: group ride Challenge mode only
33 Self Sufficient Saved yourself during the challenge: Group Ride
34 Dual Thorns You were saved by both Prince Zarad and 'Prince' Hamin during the challenge: group ride
35 A Dashing Rescue You were saved by Prince Zarad during the challenge: group ride
36 A Glittering Rescue You were saved by Hamin during the challenge: group ride
37 A Warm Breakfast Successfully completed Penelope's first friendship event
38 Properly Acquainted Succesfully completed Cordelia's first friendship event
39 A Victory of Leadership You lead your team to victory during the Ship Race
40 Sailing To Victory Your team won during the ship races
41 Super Snoop You discovered all the secrets you can find in the second week. Check Secrets
3rd week 42 Not Even Your Birthday Received every possible present in week 3
43 Gifter Extraordinare Proved yourself excellent at picking presents. Guide by Kisari
44 Friends in All Places Impressed the Matchmaker with the friendship you have inspired.
45 Heart Taker Impressed the Matchmaker with the romance you have inspired.
46 Girl to Bring Home Impressed the Matchmaker with the approval you have inspired
47 Respectfully Agreed Impressed the Matchmaker with the respect you have inspired.
48 Insightful Improvement Impressed the Matchmaker with your perfect insight. Requires 85 insight
49 Least improved Failed to impress the matchmaker during the third week and you were sent home in disgrace. Challenge mode only
50 Second Impressions Impressed the Matchmaker during your second interview.
51 Marvelously Misjudged Completely impressed the Matchmaker during your second interview.
52 A Dangerous Secret Successfully uncovered who was behind your first assassination attempt.
53 A Good Natured Evening Invited Emmett for a successful day together.
54 A Quiet Day Invited Lyon for a successful day together.
55 A Sympathetic Ear Invited Clarmont for a successful day together.
56 An Eager Outing Invited Ana for a successful day together.
57 A Daylight Star Invited Zarad for a successful day together.
58 A Stolen Afternoon Invited Hamin for a successful day together.
59 A Friendly Face Invited Lisle for a successful day together.
60 Game On. Hosted a successful Game Night. see Hosted Events
61 A Game to Remember Hosted a perfectly successful Game Night.
62 A New Star Hosted a perfect Midnight Picnic.
63 A Night to Remember Hosted a successful Midnight Picnic.
64 Female Companionship Hosted a successful Girls' night.
65 Girl Power Hosted a perfectly successful Girls' night
66 Unpredictable Affections Unlocked Lyon's Romance Path
67 A noble affair Unlocked Clarmont's Romance Path
68 A Serious Flirt Unlocked Zarad's Romance Path
69 A Treasured Feeling Unlocked Hamin's Romance Path
70 A Warrior's Heart Unlocked Ana's Romance Path
71 A Travelling Heart Unlocked Emmett's Romance Path
72 A Cordial Companion Unlocked Lisle's Companion Path
73 Melting the Ice Secured Gisette's interest.
74 Rising Passions Secured Jarrod's interest.
75 Grand Attentions Secured the Grand Duke's interest. Guide
76 A Maiden's Affection Secured Ria's interest.
77 Secretly Seeing Discovered all of the secrets during week three. Check Secrets

Also Aly had posted a W1&W2 achievements, though in the final demo some have been removed. [1]

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