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"A Victory of Leadership" achievement unlocked.

At the end of week two, the MC participates in a boat race. You can choose to be captain, and put together a team of four other delegates . You may also be invited to join the team of either Hamin or Anaele, if your relationship with them is high enough.

There are only two end conditions for the bat race, win or lose. Winning gains a great deal of Hise approval, and may gain one tick of approval from the nation of each of your team members. The boat race is associated with three achievements. 

Joining a team[]

If you join Hamin's team you will likely win, because the team is comprised of all experienced sailors, other than the MC. You can still win if you join Ana. Sailing with someone else as captain gives three skill checks against leadership, quick wits and likability.  

The leadership check is 50 for assisting both Hamin and Ana, and the quick wits check is 125. There is only one level of likeability success to assist Hamin (125 likeability), but there are two levels of success to assist Ana (125 and 175 likeability.) 

If you are on Hamin's team, your team should win as long as you can pass at least one of the checks. The requirements are slightly higher if you want to win on Ana's team. 

Making a winning team[]

It is significantly easier to win when playing as Hise MC, but winning is possible as any background. 

If you are not from Hise yourself, you will only be able to win the race if you have both Hamin and Cordelia on your team. If you are from Hise yourself, you can win as long as you have one other person on your team who gives you a bonus at the end (which can be Hamin, Cordelia, or Ana).  

For the leadership requirement, an MC with at least 75 leadership can pass herself. If you are not from Hise, having Hamin lead is the only way to win if you cannot pass the check yourself. If you are from Hise, you can also win with Ana leading.  

For the quick wits requirement, you must have at least 175 Quick Wits or have Lyon or Avalie onboard.  

Boosting morale requires at least 200 Likeability to do yourself. Penelope is the only team member who can handle boosting morale if you are not playing as Hise MC. If you are playing as Hise MC, you can also win with Emmett boosting morale. However, recruiting Penelope will net a big boost to weaver approval (if you win). 

Hamin will only agree to join your team if you have gotten the maximum possible amount of romance with him thus far. 

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