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The Clever Beauty
Title Lady
Age 21
Nation Jiyel
Height 2nd shortest delegate
Birthday 24 July
Family Father


“Why, there are so many people here, I wasn’t sure that anyone would notice me.”

Avalie is a delegate from Jiyel. See also: Avalie Script.


A daughter of a famous general and scholar, Lady Avalie is well-known not only in her native Jiyel, but in all the kingdoms. Rumors have spread of her great beauty and her high intelligence. She placed second in the national exam to select the candidates for Jiyel, coming only after Duke Lyon.

But Avalie defies all expectations. To her everything, including the summit, is a game and she is excited to meet new players. Prove yourself a capable player and you might earn her respect, or even her friendship.


Avalie has silken dark hair that hangs in a cascading wave to her waist. Small bells are tied into it, so every small movement results in a quiet symphony. Her large brown eyes tilt slightly at the ends, and dance as she examines the people in the room. Her pale skin, so smooth you wonder if she even has pores, captures the light in a way that makes her look like she is glowing from within.


Avalie is brilliant, manipulative and easily bored. Her antics in manipulating the MC are motivated by "interest[ed] in seeing what people are made of".[1] Her main weaknesses are over-confidence, lack of compassion, and boredom.[2]


Week 1[]

Welcome Feast Convo[]

The delegation from Jiyel looks like they are more comfortable at an organized debate or in a classroom than at the Isle. Avalie, however, clearly does not face the same issue as she looks around with avid curiosity and a little eagerness.

“Poets throughout Jiyel mourned, for they preferred to keep such an inspiring beauty close at hand and not married to some other kingdom. But Lady Avalie was determined to come.”
—Jiyel MC

She smiles politely at the approaching MC, and put up a show of confusion with regards to her identity. Greeting her politely gives the MC a +5 to her insight. Thereafter, Avalie proceeds to smile and ask several questions about the MC, which are in fact subtle challenges thrown at her. Apparently satisfied by her answers, she will then dismiss herself by claiming a need to freshen up, leaving the MC intrigued.

Secret Scene[]

Going to the Gardens in Week 1 will reveal Avalie flirting with Grand Duke Woodly. If the MC has enough Interpersonal Insight, she will realize that Avalie and Woodly are talking about things far more dangerous than their flirtatious facades show. (+5 Secrets)

“Oh, no, my lord. I know exactly what game I am playing, and I assure you I'm exactly in my league.”

Hosted Events[]

Avalie will accept invitations to a morning tea, a musical and a historical lecture.

The Self Introductions[]

Prior to the event, Avalie joins the MC as they wait for the self-introductions to start. She starts lamenting on how they would most definitely be stuck there the entire night listening to the other delegates' introductions before Woodly approaches them.

Avalie will whisper to the MC with amusement that they might be able to end this quick if everyone else was as brief as Duke Lyon. After the MC's own introduction, however, Avalie asks out loud for her goals at the summit.

Choosing to follow in Katyia's footsteps will lead to an increase in rivalry with Avalie.

Week 2[]

Ship Race Invitation []

With high enough respect, Avalie will accept the invitation.

Dessert with Avalie[]

Avalie will extend an invitation for dessert on a Waterday evening if the MC has earned enough of her respect. She notes the increasing popularity of the MC. Interpersonal Insight is required of the MC to read further into her words - that she might not necessarily be drawing the right kind of attention - and refrain from talking too much about herself. MC will then leave the date feeling more knowledgeable about people.

Horse Riding

Avalie is not mentioned, however, if MC managed to pass her dessert date the night before, Avalie mentioned it would be a pity if MC is not on her best today.

Ship Race[]

When the ship gets caught on something and starts to turn in the wrong direction, Avalie uses her oar in an inventive method so subtly and quickly that the MC almost does not notice. The ship will be free almost as soon as it was stuck, making sure that no time was lost.

“Well, that was certainly a race to remember. Thank you, I do like choosing the winning side.”
—Avalie, after winning

Week 3[]


Sending Avalie the book of impossible riddles gives a large gain in respect and friendship.

In return, she sends the MC an Onvu game board for how swiftly she proved herself a deft game player, along with a note stating that it has been interesting getting to know her.

Matchmaker's Breakfast []

Avalie corrects Prince Zarad that punctuality does not matter that day as the seats are assigned prior to the breakfast.

Hosted Events []

Avalie accepts invitations to all three hosted events on Week 3.

She gives a boost to the quality of the Onvu tournament as a famed delegate and player from Jiyel, and may or may not win the tournament depending on Lyon's presence.

Week 4-5[]

Avalie is put in charge of presenting arguments in favor of the jury's conviction of the accused while in Court, against the MC.


Everyone is terrified of her.


  • Wishes cosmetics and makeup didn't exist
  • Lives in a great estate with her family in the Jiyel capital
  • Is very careful about what she eats (for multiple reasons)
  • Is asexual
  • Wanted to go to the summit
  • Poets across Jiyel allegedly mourned the possibility of losing an inspiring beauty like Avalie to other kingdoms
  • Doesn’t want nor require an army to do her dirty work because that would take all the fun out of it
  • Is not interested in making people fail. She’s much more interested in seeing what people are made of
  • Weapon of choice: her mind
  • Rivalry with Avalie is not a bad thing. Anyone she respects she feels rivalry for. It doesn’t mean she’s going to murder you in the night or anything bad [3]


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