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Among the other Kingdoms, Arland is famous for two things. First, for being the most tradition-bound and rigid country, and second, for marrying off their daughters. Arland Princesses have consistently married into every other royal house throughout history. Even before the start of the Seven Year Summit all those years ago.

Currently, Arland is known to have an unnamed Crown Prince, as well as Princess Constance, who was wed in an alliance with Corval.

Other known Arlish characters include Cordelia's mother, an Arland Princess, and her family. It's unknown exactly how they're related to the royal family.


Pictured: flag of Arland from the princess background introduction.


  • Marquis/Marchioness is a title in Arland [1]
  • Famous for it’s wine and dairy/animal products. Makes some of the best desserts you can find anywhere[2]

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