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“I’m so happy that bzzz bzzz in our ears is gone. Now let’s talk of more interesting things. Do you know how to fight?”

Anaele (nickname Ana) is a delegate from Skalt. See Also:


The daughter of the warrior queen of the warlike matriarchy of Skalt, Princess Anaele or Ana is quite strange by the standards of most of her fellow delegates. She is very forthright and goes after what she wants and she doesn’t believe in letting anyone else fight her battles.

If you want to get to impress her, you are going to have to be willing to be as tough as she is. 

Anaele has a hidden protective side that may come out if you befriend/romance her. Even though she was raised to believe that adversity toughens you up, she still wants to protect the MC from harm.  


She is small, but muscular with short, dark hair, cropped at her chin, almost unnaturally bright blue eyes and the pale skin common among those who live in the frozen north of Skalt. 

Although the Skalt delegation is already strange and stands out, Anaele stands out much more. A foreboding tattoo etched into the side of her face marks her as a daughter of the Queen of Skalt. Instead of silken finery, she wears ceremonial armor of metal, leather, and fur that has clearly seen some use, to the summit. 


Princess Anaele, the second daughter of the Queen of Skalt is a famed warrior, seen by many as her mother's most likely heir. Rumor marks her as a better fighter than seen in generations. She is blunt and open, making her perhaps unsuited to such events as the Summit.


Week 1[]

Ana teaches the MC to defend herself if you accept her invitation. Succeeding at her event grants +10 to Self Defense. For the introduction, if MC has made a favorable impression, she declares her goal to bring MC back to Skalt with her. If MC hasn't, she simply says she wishes to find a wife to bring back to Skalt.

Week 2[]

Ship Race[]

Ana may invite the MC to join her team, and she may agree to join the MC if she is captain. Her experience in leadership can prove an asset and help win the race.

Week 3[]

For the matchmaker's breakfast, she may gift the MC a "letter opener" that is as sharp as a sword.

If MC has unlocked her relationship, the Matchmaker will say: "I doubt there is a single person on this entire Isle that would be surprised that the Princess of Skalt barely managed to say anything else in her interview but your name. She's quite excessively taken with you, MC. And is not quiet about it."

If you ask the Matchmaker about a relationship with her, she says: "What? Do you expect me to tell you what will happen if you marry that brash girl? I'm a matchmaker, not a fortune-teller. But I will say, I think she is loyal and straightforward. Which could make her an excellent or miserable partner, depending on what you like."



She hates him. Ana is not afraid of Blain.


If the correct responses are chosen she will become very fond of the MC from their very first meeting.


Ana thinks Wellin is full of red-faced, screeching stuffy shirts who she wants to spend as little time with as possible. Obviously, diplomacy is not her strong suit.[1]


  • Secretly hates bugs
  • She does not have a fixed living place, her tribe is nomadic.
  • Owns a longsword made from Skalt-Steel named Dienne
  • The tattoo on her face is a Skalt tradition - once someone is accepted as a warrior they get one
  • Weapon of choice: Whatever is convenient (at the Isle, usually food)
  • She doesn’t question Skalt or her life there, to her it’s just the way things are. And it seems to her a much better way of living than in the other ‘civilized’ countries.[1] 
  • Ana is 100% into girls and only girls.[2][3] 


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