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Welcome Feast




Automatic +Romance
How do you respond?
  • Friendly+ Friendship
  • Politely?
  • Hesitantly?
Do you know how to fight? Naval Fighter

Battle Tactics

Know how to take care of self

Not at all

Who would?

  • Respect++
  • Respect++
  • Respect+
  • ?
  • Rival
  • Hise Background
  • Warfare 25
  • Self-defense 25
What do you ask? Liking stay?

Killed a lot?

  • Romance -
  • Rival +
Mothers shadow?


  • Romance+
  • Respect +
  • Insight 5+
What do you say to extricate yourself from the conversation? Go...



  • ?
  • ?
  • Manipulation +5

1st Date[]

MC 1st Date
  • What an awful thing to do to such a young child!
  • That must have been very difficult!
  • The ways of your people are very strange, indeed. (-)
  • I don't know which is worse, what you were forced to learn, or beginning etiquette training at about the same age.
  • It may not end up being so simple as that, Princess Ana, but I am happy to know that even one person here is rooting for my happiness.
  • Don't worry, Princess. I always do what's best for me.
  • Alas, I don't think my nations and my people would be very happy with me if my happiness is my primary concern.
  • I will hope we manage to live up to such good wishes. For both our sakes,


  • I'm not sure I am as strong as you seem to think.
  • I don't know if I agree that taunting death is a good plan to become strong.
  • So you brought me here to overcome any trauma? That's actually kind of sweet.
  • Thank you, that's a very kind offer, but I'm fine.
  • That doesn't sound like you. Aren't I supposed to grow stronger by enduring the cold? (+)
  • No thanks. They probably smell. And I'll end up looking like a barbarian, too.
  • Somehow I always manage to be surprised by how good you are at taking care of people, Ana.
  • I'm sorry Ana but I don't feel the same way.
  • I'm..sorry Ana. despite my personal feelings. I don't think such a match would go over well with my people.
  • Of course, I choose you, silly princess.
  • You have made me really happy, Ana. Thank you for your feelings.

Main/Automatic Date[]

Main/Automatic Date Result
Bah, I do not need gold..."
  • "That's a lovely sentiment..."
  • "As long as I'm more important..." +Romance
  • "That's fine..."
  • ?
  • +Romance
  • ?
"Is there something my pretty..."
  • "What sort of things do you like..."
  • "I don't mind talking about fighting." +Romance
  • "Tell me more of life in Skalt."
  • "What will our life be like..." +Romance
  • ?
  • Romance+
  • ?
  • Romance+
Free Time 1 "...Why did you pick me"
  • "Because I've always wanted..."
  • "Because I couldn't imagine..." +Romance
  • "Because you are you..." ++Romance
  • "I have no idea..." -Romance
  • ?
  • Romance+
  • Romance++
  • Romance---
Free Time 2 +Romance | Self Defense + 10