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Ana's POV unlocks upon choosing her at the end of Week 3. It was included in the final version of the full demo.

The Welcome Feast[]

         She was bored. Worse than bored. She was trapped in a big, fluffy-poofy room with no defensible structure with an idiot going bzzzzt in her ears. She had to clench her fingers from to keep them from grabbing for the weapon she was missing. It felt like she had been forced to turn over a hand and everyone was just pretending a room full of buzzing one-handed people was normal. Everywhere she looked everyone was all happy, happy. Perhaps the point of the Summit was just to torture people into submission. By the end, you would agree to anything, just to be free again.

         Ana scanned the room, trying to catalogue every thing that could be used as a makeshift weapon if necessary. She counted sharp heels and small forks. She counted chairs that could be potentially broken into sharp edges. And then, in her search, Ana found another kind of weapon entirely. Ana saw her.

         Her eyes were bright and full of life and there was just something about her. Ana knew she was interesting. Certainly more interesting than anything else in the room. Ignoring the bzzing pretty man, Ana strode towards her, feeling cheerful for the first time since she had been forced to hand over her weapons. All seven of them.

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