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There are numerous achievements you can get as you play. They are listed below according to which week they can be found.

Week 1[]

  • A Novel Beginning: Finish creating a character
  • A Pirate's Life for Me: Made a character with Hise background
  • The Logical Choice: Made a character with Jiyel background
  • Out of the Inner Court: Made a character with Corval background
  • An Inconvenient Husband: Made a character with Revaire background
  • Barefoot Countess: Made a character with Wellin background
  • A Very Proper Princess: Made a character with Arland background
  • Night Light Reading: Read the history of the Summit
  • An Unmitigated Disaster: You met with the Matchmaker, it did not go well
  • Impressive Impression: You earned the maximum amount of insight during the welcome feast
  • In Demand: You received all possible invitations during your first week
  • Sparring Partner: Successfully completed Anaele's week one event
  • Nature Walk: Successfully completed Emmett's week one event
  • A Friendly Ride: Successfully completed Lisle's week one event
  • A Dashing Dinner: Successfully completed Clarmont's week one event
  • A Forbidden Adventure: Successfully completed Hamin's week one event
  • Night Vision: Successfully completed Zarad's week one event
  • A Tense Time: Successfully completed Jarrod's week one event
  • A Cool Companion: Successfully completed Gisette's week one event
  • Behind the Bookcase: Successfully completed Lyon's week one event
  • Congratulations, Crumpet: Hosted a very successful afternoon tea
  • A Tea Terrific: Hosted a perfect afternoon tea
  • Play On: Hosted a very successful musical
  • A Musical Memory: Hosted a perfect musical
  • A Learning Experience: Hosted a very successful lecture
  • One for the History Books: Hosted a perfect lection
  • A Charming Introduction: Succeeded in the first challenge: the self-introduction
  • A Perfect Introduction: Succeeded perfectly in the first challenger: the self introduction
  • Secret Hunter: Found all possible week one secrets

Week 2[]

  • Captain, my Captain: Successfully recruited a full team for the ship race
  • Delectable Dessert: Successfully completed Avalie's first friendship event
  • Off the Cliff: Met your unfortunate end after failing to save yourself during the challenge: group ride (Note- only available when playing challenge mode)
  • Self Sufficient: Saved yourself during the challenge: group ride
  • Dual Thorns: You were saved by both Prince Zarad and Prince Hamin during the challenge: group ride
  • A Dashing Rescue: You were saved by both Prince Zarad during the challenge: group ride
  • A Glittering Rescue: You were saved by Prince Hamin during the challenge: group ride
  • A Warm Breakfast: Successfully completed Penelope's first friendship event
  • Properly Acquainted: Successfully completed Cordelia's first friendship event
  • A Victory of Leadership: You lead your team to victory during the ship race
  • Sailing to Victory: Your team won during the ship races
  • Super Snoop: You discovered all the secrets you can find in week two (4 secrets)

Week 3[]

  • Not Even Your Birthday: Recieved every possible present in week three
  • Gifter Extraordinaire: Proved yourself excellent at picking presents
  • Friends in All Places: Impressed the Matchmaker with the friendship you have inspired
  • Heart Taker: Impressed the Matchmaker with the romance you have inspired
  • Girl to Bring Home: Impressed the Matchmaker with the approval you have inspired
  • Respectfully Agreed: Impressed the Matchmaker with the respect you have inspired
  • Insightful Improvement: Impressed the Matchmaker with your perfect insight
  • Least Improved: Failed to impress the Matchmaker during the third week and you were sent home in disgrace
  • Second Impressions: Impressed the Matchmaker during your second interview
  • Marvelously Misjudged: Completely impressed the Matchmaker during your second interview
  • A Dangerous Secret: Successfully uncovered who was behind your first assassination attempt
  • A Good Natured Evening: Invited Emmett for a successful day together
  • A Quiet Day: Invited Lyon for a successful day together
  • A Sympathetic Ear: Invited Clarmont for a successful day together
  • An Eager Outing: Invited Ana for a successful day together
  • A Daylight Star: Invited Zarad for a successful day together
  • A Stolen Afternoon: Invited Hamin for a successful day together
  • A Friendly Face: Invited Lisle for a successful day together
  • Game On: Hosted a successful game night
  • A Game to Remember: Hosted a perfectly successful game night
  • A New Star: Hosted a successful midnight picnic
  • A Night to Remember: Hosted a perfectly successful midnight picnic
  • Female Companionship: Hosted a successful girl's night
  • Girl Power: Hosted a perfectly successful girl's night
  • Unpredictable Affections: Unlocked Lyon's romance path
  • A Noble Affair: Unlocked Clarmont's romance path
  • A Serious Flirt: Unlocked Zarad's romance path
  • A Treasured Feeling: Unlocked Hamin's romance path
  • A Warrior's Heart: Unlocked Ana's romance path
  • A Travelling Heart: Unlocked Emmett's romance path
  • A Cordial Companion: Unlocked Lisle's romance path
  • Melting the Ice: Secured Gisette's interest
  • Rising Passions: Secured Jarrod's interest
  • Grand Attentions: Secured the Grand Duke's interest
  • A Maiden's Affection: Secured Ria's interest
  • Secretly Seeing: Discovered all the secrets during week three (3 secrets)

Week 4[]

  • Mysterious Confession: Solved the second murder and got a confession from the mysterious native
  • Ingenious Investigator: Put together all the clues to solve the murder of Lord Adalric
  • Emotional Intelligence: Successfully swayed the jury with an emotional appeal
  • Logical Explanation: Successfully swayed the jury with your logical arguments
  • Unjust Jurisdiction: Pointed out the loophole that invalidates the legality of the trial
  • Death Defying Conclusion: Concluded your case by presenting what really happened
  • Miracle Worker: You got Imogen universally acquitted during her trial

Week 5[]

  • A Rebellious Moment: Uncovered the secret Rebel Faction
  • Center Stage: Saved yourself during the set "accident"
  • A Star is Born: Managed to pull off a perfect performance of Charades as an actress

Week 6[]

  • others

Week 7[]

  • ????