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Your knowledge of math, science, and other related topics.

Academics contributes to the cumulative skill: Booksmarts

How Academic affects the plot[]

  • Min 30
    • WFC - Lyon : Discuss Jiyel philosophy. (++ respect and friendship)
  • Min 50
    • MM's first interview: You manage to converse with at least some intelligence on various academic topics.
      • Otherwise - You aren't even more than a few words into your awkward attempt to discuss more academic topics before she holds up a pained hand.
    • MM's second interview: The way I hear it your understanding of academic knowledge matches that of a scholar.
  • Min 75
    • WFC - Clarmont : Discuss the academics until it bores Jarrod enough he leaves. (+ respect and friendship)

How to gain Academic[]

Character Creator[]

  • " Math, the sciences, philosophy, you enjoyed the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake." (+25)
  • " If they took away your ability to study academics, they might as well take away your very life." (+25)
  • A Minor Lady with a Scholarly Bent Origin (+35)

Week 1[]

  • Lyon's date (+5)
  • Study to Improve Your Abilities: Academics (+5)

Week 2[]

  • Study to Improve Your Abilities: Academics (+5)

Week 3[]

  • Lyons gift (+5)
  • Study to Improve Your Abilities: Academics (+5)

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