7KPP Wikia

Screenshot of the Kickstarter campaign page on the second day.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem went live on the 5th of August 2015. 

Backer tiers start at 5$, where a 10$ pledge gains a copy of the complete game, and a 15$ tier gains access to the alpha version (pre-complete, testing phase version). Higher tiers gain other bonuses. A limited number of high-level pledges will have a chibi art version of their 7KPP character added to the game as a skill achievement graphic. There are several tiers of "patron" backers that allow to pledge for one or more free copies os the game to be given to students who cannot afford it. 

The game was fully funded within twenty minutes of the campaign going live, and has, to date, raised at least five times the initial estimate. Stretch goals had to be added as they were met. Some of the stretch goals that were already met include three additional love interests (Leala, Greer, and Jasper's mysterious rival), more POVs, more CGs, and an unlockable Blain friendship path. They also guarantee the prequel game set 20 years previous in Wellin, Seven Kingdoms: Kingmaker.  

As of the 18th of August, 7KPP has been Greenlit on Steam.[1]  

The complete game is estimated for sometime in the future. The extended demo was released in 2017 and can be found within the newer forum.